Gamma Protocol,
a turn-based strategy game

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Unit Profile Panther '46

We tell you about the UN Panther '46, based on the German Panther Ausf. F.

Thomas Hertzler

Video game veteran who knows how to develop successful licences

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Engaging strategy games at the forefront of technology.
By industry veterans.


Web Technology

The age of the AAA browser is here. We want to be the first to provide a hassle free gaming experience on as many platforms as possible.


We see Fair-2-Play as the next evolutionary step in monetization. No magic swords or bullets and a sliding pay scale. The more money you spend with us, the higher discounts you will get.

Back-end technology

Our internally developed back-end, strato.Sphere, will allow us to tweak and change game dynamics with the push of a button.

Track Record

Thomas was the producer of both series, "The Settlers" and "Battle Isle".

Battle Isle*

A turn-based strategy game first released in 1991 on PC. A very complex but yet accessible strategy game with a clever combination of deep tactical gameplay and very good graphics for that time. The saga went on for more than a decade and won many international rewards.

The Settlers*

A real time strategy game first released in 1993 on Amiga and PC, with a very innovative concept offering a two-player mode on the same screen. An extreme addictive gameplay, excellent replay ability, a huge cast of cute and charismatic characters

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